Monroe brings to you a handcrafted series of leather khussas/nagrais combining the modernity of contemporary designs with the charm of traditional 'karigari'. Our range of products offers a modern take on the classic nagrais, perfect for women of all ages and tastes.

Our team works meticulously to come up with designs which cater to women who value artisanal craftsmanship. Along with our beautiful designs, at Monroe we prioritize on the ‘feel’ of our product so that the shoes we produce not only look fancy but are very comfortable at your feet.

We offer an array of collection which can be worn for rich festive occasions to summer getaways. Using our knowledge on shoes, we have engineered the shoes to fit like pumps/ballerinas on your feet so that Monroe khussas can be worn not only during the wedding season but also on a day to day basis.

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