At the heart of A-Derma is a unique, exclusive active ingredient called Rhealba® Oat. A gentle touch for the skin, naturally effective and completely safe in the care of fragile and delicate skin.

Their dermatological know-how and experience have led them to formulate safe and effective products that earn us both the trust of healthcare professionals and the recognition of users.

Their guiding principle: to provide real, authentic solutions with products that are both effective and gentle for the skin and the environment.

Since the beginning, A-Derma has taken an interest in treating and preserving the balance of all types of fragile skin that require particular care, with the aim of strengthening their natural protective properties and limiting the aggression they may face.

All A-Derma products are formulated with a minimum of ingredients. No essential oils, no coloring agents, no alcohol. And of course, whenever possible or necessary, no scents or parabens.

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